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This is the nail polish named after and customized for JulieG (a Beauty Guru from youtube.) It’s by Jesse’s Girl and it’s called JulieG. It’s described as a pretty coral colour (her favourite.) I love her videos and the colour coral so I had to get this polish! In the bottle it looks a lot lighter than how it looks on your nail. I’ve noticed that that is the case with many orange/pink toned coral nail polishes. I would have preferred if the nail polish looked more like how it does in the bottle (a light pinkish-orange coral), but it is still a gorgeous colour none the less. I’m not a fan of neon polishes, and I think this one is just on the verge of neon. In videos it looks more true to the bottle colour (which is strange) but in person it’s a tad more orange. This is definitely a pretty colour for summer and spring. I ordered it off their website cause they don’t sell in Canada, but you can find it at Rite Aid in the states. I wouldn’t say it’s a favourite, or a must have, but if you’re a fan of JulieG and coral nails, why not support her and try it out!? 

DATE: May 10 2011

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